Our values


The new standard for a lasting and sustainable surface coating


We manufacture products which are not harmful to the environment, our products protect the environment. All the components in POWER-COLLOID are biologically digestible and do not release any polluting materials.


We are committed to making long lasting products.
POWER-COLLOID has a long shelf life and significantly extends the life span of the coated surfaces and structures.


We are committed to providing quality products and the quality of our continuous innovations.

Regular resin-based water pressure seals have the following qualities:

  • they have very long processing and drying times,
  • they are not impact resistant,
  • they have different extension properties compared with mineral substrates on which they are usually applied and therefore they have a relatively limited life.

POWER-COLLOID is a purely mineral product based on cement. It stands out for offering

  • very high adhesion on coated mineral surfaces,
  • and a high mechanical strength and consequently a long life.

POWER-COLLOID helps with cost reduction: firstly due to a short processing time and fast drying, and secondly by rapid use of the coated surfaces (2 days waiting time after coating with POWER-COLLOID compared to 6 weeks waiting time after coating with other products, e.g. anhydride-floor screed or cellar sealing).

In addition to these advantages, 
POWER-COLLOID offers the special benefit of producing no detrimental diffusion.