Photocatalytic antibacterial coating

Photocatalytic antibacterial coating


In the natural world, the oxidisation processes taking place in leaves help remove pollutants from the atmosphere.
As environmental pollution increases, in particular in urban areas with high levels of traffic and industrial activity as well as high numbers of people, it becomes necessary to accelerate and support these oxidisation processes and make them continuously reproducible.

POWER-COLLOID is a substrate and ideal surface coating that offers an unprecedented level of stability and durability.

The environmentally friendly POWER-COLLOID photocatalytic process that accelerates and reproduces natural processes.

  • Self-cleaning properties for substantially improved hygiene levels:
    The super hydrophilic properties are stimulated by UVA light and break down the fouling through oxidation, thereby minimising its adhesion and allowing for easy rinsing or washing off by rain.
  • Anti-bacterial effect: Micro-organisms are effectively broken down, viruses, spores and bacteria on the coated surfaces are destroyed. Recontamination of the surfaces is prevented, and there is no fungal, algae and mould attack.
  • Breakdown of environmental toxins: Preventing surface corrosion on buildings, effectively cleaning the ambient air.
  • Substantial time savings for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Colour fastness of the façade: Photocatalytic POWER-COLLOID is particularly recommended for buildings with high architectural pretensions.